FAQ for Students


The currency is hryvnias and the coins is called Kopika

 Kiev, with a population of 5 million people

Ukraine is the second largest country in European continent after France and situated in the south-eastern part of Europe

Classes are instructed in English, Ukrainian and Russian

Unfortunately Ukrainian Universities don’t grant scholarships to foreign students

Duration ranges from 4-6 years depending on the program.

English test is not mandatory, but there are English Language enrichment support programs available for students from non English speaking countries

Graduates can apply for the Work Permit. Universities provide job placement in Ukraine and other western countries.

Yes according to Ukrainian law,you can apply but after 2 years of legal stay in Ukraine

Yes. They are globally recognized.

Tuition fees can be paid in installments but only as from the second year of your study.

Various Universities provide well furnished and very affordable hostels for students. Alternately students may choose to rent apartments in the city. Thirdly, students have the option of staying with Ukrainian families. This option is the best way to learn Russian and Ukrainian language. It is also affordable.

No, they are included in the tuition fee

Yes students travel to other countries during summer for holiday and work. But you need to apply for a visa if  you are a citizen of a country that needs visa. We advise you check with your consulate or online to know if you need a visa to travel to a desired country.

R&B International Ltd  provides foreign students with the necessary information with regards to Ukrainian higher educational system and offers consultancy right from the time of your first call to inquire about  the higher education in Ukraine  until the end of the educational period of 4-6 years. Furthermore, we render the following services to the foreign students who wish to study at the higher educational establishments of Ukraine:

A, Information about the different higher educational establishments of Ukraine.

B, Processing of the students documents with the chosen University for the chosen course of study.

C, Processing of the admission letter and the visa support letter from the University.

D, Assistance in issuance of the Immigration card(residence permit), health and life insurance.

E, Meeting the students on their arrival at the International airport and accompanying them to the University and making sure they get settled in their hostels.

F, Assistance with the registration, and documentation at the University.

G, Assistance in opening the bank accounts.

H, Consultation and counseling for the duration of the student’s stay in Ukraine.

I, Transfer of students from one University to another and all related documentation.

J, Communication with parents with regards to the academic and conduct of their children during the educational period.

The invitation for study is the official document, which is processed by the ministry of education Ukraine. It confirms that the student is admitted to a particular University. It specifies your passport details and the full name of the University. This invitation support letter is required by the Ukrainian Embassy to stamp the visa on your passport. Generally, it takes around 3-4 days for the study invitation to be processed at the Ministry of Education and issued. The invitation is valid for 3 – 6 months from the date of its issuance and you need to apply to the Ukrainian Embassy for a visa during the validity of the invitation issued.

The immigration card is the document which confirms that a student has entered the territory of Ukraine. It is an obligatory document for the further processing of the student registration and hence is an important document. Without the immigration card the registration on the territory of Ukraine cannot be done and the student would be deported back to the home country. The immigration card is handed out by the flight attendant on the plane or is also available at the airport on arrival at the immigration department. The card consists of 2 identical parts, which are necessary to fill. At the immigration of the International airport, the immigration officer stamps the both parts of the card and retains one while the other part is handed over to the student. Before leaving the immigration desk, it is important that you check that you have received the stamped part from the officer. It is important and obligatory to retain the Imigration card till the departure from Ukraine.

While there is no general restriction on the weight of the luggage accompanying a traveler, it should be noted that most airlines allow 40-46kg of luggage (to be split evenly into 2 baggage) to be carried free of cost. All excess baggage are to be paid on a per kilogram basis. It is recommended that  you bring only the necessary things that are required and which you feel may not be available in Ukraine. Also make sure you weigh your baggage at home before departure to the airport to avoid unnecessary delay and unpleasant developments. It is recommended to carry with you, warm cloths like winter jackets, sweaters, boots, cap, gloves scarf etc, things of personal hygiene. For your journey in the period of September – October, you could carry with you an easy jacket, jeans, socks, and sport boots while during the winter months of November – December you would need to carry a warm coat, a sweater, warm trousers, boots, cap, and gloves.

Yes it is recommended that every students travels with their tuition fees for the first academic year as the university will demand for that upon arrival and at that time a bank account may not have been opened on behalf of the student for a possible money transfer.

Usually the expense for the first month of stay in Ukraine is high but reduces substantially in the subsequent months. You will need about 500USD for the first three months of stay in Ukraine. This is because the student would need to pay the registration charges, purchase items of necessity, get used to the new environment, make new friends etc. Subsequently, the average monthly expenses for food are about US$ 100-US$ 150.

Parents or sponsors send money to students’ bank accounts in Ukraine via a wire transfer. Student are recommended to open a bank account as soon as the process of registration is completed, which normally takes around 10-15 days. For the opening of a bank account, the student would be required to make an initial deposit of US$ 5

Immigration insurance became mandatory for Universities in the year 2010. It is to provide legal assistance to the student. The immigration Insurance Company provides assistance to Universities in deporting the students culpable in illegal activities or illegal immigration. Often times, the University or Ministry of Education can demand that students pay for  insurance with the invitation letter. The health insurance guarantees that the student gets the required medical aid in times of illness according to the program of the insurance cover. The insurance policy mentions the names and the telephone numbers of the doctors and the hospitals. The insurance company also informs OUR COMPANY of the severity of the illness if need be. R&B International therefore is in a position not only to monitor and supervise the condition of the student’s health but to also contact the parents/guardians of the student and keep them updated about the progress. Without the life and the health insurance it is not possible to process the registration of the student. Therefore this document is necessary and obligatory for all foreign students wishing to study in Ukraine,

The preparatory faculty is a special educational program with a duration of 1 academic year (6-10 months). Students study Russian and/or Ukrainian language and the special disciplines required depending on the future program chosen (language of science, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, geography, history, and literature). After completing the preparatory faculty, the student sits for an examination and receives a certificate of merit from the faculty. This certificate gives the student a right to enter any Ukrainian university without entrance examinations. But if the student chooses training in English or French language he/she does not need to study in the preparatory faculty. Studies at the preparatory faculty starts in  September and students are allowed to enroll until the beginning of February every year depending on the formation of groups. (5-8 students in group). After a successful completion of the program, the student can join major programs in Russian or Ukrainian. Study of major programs in Russian or Ukrainian is cost effective

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