Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) Junior Specialist: 2 years

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN): 4 years

Master of Science in Nursing (MSN): 2 years

Students who have already gained ADN from any university in the world can get BSN  in 2 years

The medium of instruction: English at a State-Owned medical university


Tuition fee breakdown for 1st year.

Tuition Fee first year 3000USD
Invitation letter to study – upfront payment  200USD
Courier Service Charge – upfront payment  100USD

Visa Support Documentation (Legalization and Translation of credentials, Travel Insurance) –  upfront payment

Hostel fee  (well-furnished rooms, two to four persons in one room) first year  500USD
Registration/Immigration card – one-time payment  200USD
Consultancy Charges of our firm – one-time payment 1000USD
Airport pick up – one-time payment  100USD
Grand Total Payable upon arrival 5400USD

 Tuition fee from 2nd year to final year is 3000USD per year including accommodation. Paid directly to the university. 

Important Notice: Tuition fee Grand Total is payable upon arrival except 600USD which is payment for: Student Invitation, courier service charge and Visa Support documentation(optional). Above amount payable through bank transfer or western union/ money gram. Transaction fee paid by the sender so that we receive the full amount.